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Simple all-in-one

Employee Benefits Onboarding

In 5 minutes, build free of charge,

your own BRONZE Plan Employee Benefits Onboarding website platform.

Employee communication

should be simple...

We'll get you started and finished, in as little as 20 minutes, you'll have your own Employee Benefit Onboarding Platform ready to share.

Without an Onboarding platform



Our Mission

Simplify HR communication

for all Canadians


                                 is different.


It was designed by Benefits Consultants & HR Experts who believe that employee communication should be simple and not expensive. So they built a platform to bring their vision to life.

What can it do

How it Works

Do it yourself online or let one of our Onboarding Expert guide you from start to finish.

Employee Benefits Onboaring doesn’t have to be complicated. In fact, you can get your own platform done in 3 easy steps:

Answer an online questionnaire about your company or take a virtual appointment with an Onboarding Expert for a 20 minutes telephone interview.

Following the interview questionnaire, the first draft of your Benefits Onboarding Platform will be made available to you.

Order BenefitsDot and distribute them while Onboarding New Employees or to answer any questions from existing employees.

What can a Benefits Dot share?

Benefits Dot allows you to share anything with a URL link such as:

  • Group Insurance, Wellness Program, Telemedicine, Pension Plan & Payroll provider. 


Our Bronze Plan includes, free of charge, 5 custom URL links that can be used for whatever your HR team needs.

How does a Benefits Dot work?

Using advanced technology easily link your Benefits’ providers websites, Your HR team contact info, company website & Social Media Links

Next time your employees will need Benefits & HR information, simply ask them to TAP of their Benefits Dot to access this info. 

It is that simple!


Benefits Dot - Boutique

Give a BenefitsDot to all your employees

 3 Benefits Plans 

An employer can choose from 3 different plans: BRONZE, SILVER, GOLD

What each plan can do



 GOLD Plan


Give tools

for employees to succeed.


A strong corporate image

gives a sense of belonging.


Feedbacks allows

employees to grow.

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