Our Story

Hi, we’re Tony, Agatha & JF

We’re the co-founders of BenefitsDot.com and we’re glad you’re here!


It means you’re taking your first step in simplifying your Employee Onboarding.

While working as President or Benefits consultants we helped many HR teams, just like yours. So rest assured, we know how complex employee communication can be. 

Our goal is to help you simplify your HR day-to-day life

and this is what matter to us!


Tony De Santis

Strategic Advisor



Agatha Kyproanou

Customers Solutions



Jean F. Michaud

Partners Program


Our Vision

HR communication should be easy.

Communication requires preparation which most HR team lack in real life. That's why we built BenefitsDot.com to provide a simple solution to your HR team.

Our solution is simple, affordable and uses new technologies to communicate with your employees. 


BenefitsDot.com will simplify your HR day-to-day tasks.