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to help your clients

Whether you are an HR consultant, accountant, insurance professional or investment advisor, you and your team should focus on what you do best and let help your clients communicate with their employees. 

Our goal is to help you better serve your clients!

Our Objective

Separate yourself from the pack

Coaching your clients is great. However, providing them with tools that improve their productivity is much better.


Set yourself apart by giving your clients a better way to complete their HR tasks with

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Refer with confidence

Your clients get a comprehensive all-in-one HR solution. You’re the hero for helping them get it!

Stacks of Coins

Your clients save money

By using new technologies & survey tools your clients become more efficient at a fraction of the cost of large HRIS systems.

Keyboard and Mouse

Leverage our technology

Employees expect their employer to use new technologies. Our  BenefitsDots uses the same technology that Credit Cards are using, which makes our solution secure & reliable.

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